Pastor Peter Mortlock’s Story

Having grown up in a small town of 3,000 people, Stratford in Taranaki, Pastor Peter describes himself as having a normal kiwi life. His father was a very successful businessman, owning a motor vehicle business in town, and living on a farm. When Ps Peter was only 12 years old, his 48 year-old father passed

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Written and produced by City Impact Church. Broken is inspired by the true New Zealand story of a young girl who was murdered by a marauding tribe in the mid 1800’s. She always carried with her the Gospel of Luke which was stolen in the crossfire. Incredibly, her father decided not to seek revenge for her murder,

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Gather | Do I Really Want an Awkward Conversation?

For most of us awkward conversations are high on the list of things ‘to be avoided at all cost’. Pre-empting one’s approach to a confrontation with… we need to have an awkward conversation…. seems to help disarm both parties in such a way that the chances of a positive outcome are far more likely. As a

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Gather | Presence of the Holy Spirit in our Lives

Our existence in the world brings with it an array of hopes, dreams, plans and relationships. Some are of our choosing and others we inherent by some unexplainable default. Either way, others encompass our lives. To think that I may have the skill and wisdom to navigate my individual journey successfully is extremely short-sighted. I

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Gather | You are Created in the Image of God

Really? A quick glance in the mirror first thing in the morning or stepping on those scales would have you doubting this truth. Yet in reality – you are. You are set apart and separated from every other wonder of creation. You can do things that nothing or no one else can do the way

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Gather | The Cost of Freedom

Although the world may consider it blind optimism, the revelation of Jesus Christ our Saviour and faith in our Heavenly Father, deposits in us an expectation that each passing year will be better than the last. To desire more freedom and less hassle is high on our wish list.John 8:34-36 34 Jesus answered them, “Most assuredly, I

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Gather | The Unexpected

Hi wonderful friends and family, I am missing you all very much.So, my heart’s desire is for us to continue to build warm relationships with one another. As I write, you are ever-present in my thoughts and prayers. Love to you all, Ps Bev. The Unexpected This may not be your first rodeo where the unexpected has invaded

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Building The Sanctuary

“When God places something in your hand, He expects you to do something with it. When God gives you a space, He expects you to fill it.”– Ps Bev Mortlock In the year 1990, we were blessed with 30 acres of land in Albany and knew that God put it in our hands for the

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