New Church Building in San Jose

The first time Pastor Greg went to San Jose, Mexico, to meet Pastors Alex and Yadira and their two kids, they met in a very small and narrow room for Church. After the first service, they took Pastor Greg for lunch (at the back of their Church) to their caravan, which they were living in. On the wall, Pastor Greg couldn’t help but notice a picture to build a new campus. This was over 10 years ago. 

A new building for our San Jose Campus has been on the heart of Pastors Alex and Yadira for 10 YEARS (that’s a really long-time). They are still meeting in the same small and narrow building and unfortunately, due to COVID, the new build has been held up massively by the lockdowns and restrictions. For example, we couldn’t get any of the contractors on-site to complete the build in lockdown. It’s one thing to be waiting on a dream this long, but to be so close and have a global pandemic hold it up is SO HARD. In the meantime (of these past 10 years), the local authorities have built a new hospital across the road. AMAZING – this couldn’t have been placed in a better spot, creating massive new outreach opportunities and possibilities. 

This is all the more reason why it’s so rewarding to be part of bringing this dream to life. It’s so much more than giving towards building the new campus but a fulfilment of Gods vision and dream for their lives and community. How incredible that we get to be part of this and BUILDING the local Church across the world. We can’t wait to see the new San Jose Campus and the strides they will make for Jesus in the future!