Growing up on a Marijuana Plantation

We know that drugs and violence are a problem in Mexico. We’ve seen it in the movies, maybe we wonder, “is this really what it is like in Mexico?”. The answer is YES, it is exactly like the movies. The Cartels dominate the drug wars, there is horrendous generational violence and poverty, and there are many areas in Mexico that are extremely dangerous.

San Jose City Impact Church Campus Pastor Alex Rivas knows this first hand. Growing up, Pastor Alex’s family owned a marijuana plantation. As a teenager, Alex worked the fields and helped out with the family business. One day, whilst out in the fields working with his brother the Cartels arrived and shot his brother dead. 15 years old, scared and alone, Alex did the only thing he knew to do in order to save his life; he fled. Ending up in La Paz, Alex met Pastors Jeff and Coco, Campus Pastors of City Impact Church La Paz. Pastors Jeff and Coco took Alex in, caring for him and discipling him. Alex gave his life to Christ and eventually Alex and his wife Yadira became the Campus Pastors of City Impact Church San Jose. Today they are in their 22nd year of ministry, and are still seeing many people come to Christ.

When Pastors Alex and Yadira first began their ministry, they lived in a caravan on the church site for around 10 years. They had been praying for land for the church for about a year, and God provided the land but they needed somewhere to live. Days before they moved onto the site a Missionary told them he had a Caravan he no longer needed – God provided! The caravan was small, they had no fridge, and no heater. “The winters were cold and summers were hot,” said Ps Yadira, in her typical understated and humble way, but the children had fun.”

Over time the church has continued to grow and now needs a new building. This is one of the projects our Mission Offering will support.