Ebeneza was only 2 when his Father was murdered in front of him…..

In New Zealand, we are aware of the caste system in India but most don’t really understand how it works and the impact it has on people. Take Ebeneza for example. Ebeneza was 2 years old when his father was shot dead in front of him. This left his mother a widow, with two young children to care for. In the Indian caste system, a widow is considered the lowest of the low. Her opportunities to build a life and support her children are almost non-existent. Ebeneza’s mother was left with a difficult choice; raise her children with little to no income, potentially having them begging on the streets and unable to attend school, or send her children to someone that could take care of them. Ebeneza’s mother chose the latter and sent him and his sister to live with Pastors Frank and Gladys. Although they already had dozens of children in their care Pastors Frank and Gladys raised Ebeneza as if he was their own. And in doing so changed the trajectory of his life. They provided Ebeneza with food, a place to live, schooling and a loving upbringing with Biblical teaching and an environment where he was loved and safe.

By giving Ebeneza both love and practical help Pastors Frank and Gladys married their faith with good works with incredible fruit!

Today, Ebeneza is married with his own children and is an active member of City Impact Church India. The reality is that Ebeneza is lucky to be alive, let alone married with a good job and a family, yet his story is only one of hundreds of children’s lives that are literally being saved through the work of Pastors Frank and Gladys.

What we give through Missions Offering, Child and Missions Campus Sponsorships is life changing for hundreds of children in India. Thank you for making a difference and supporting Ps Frank and Gladys in this work.