Follow Me

Who are you following? Who’s following you?

Our latest sermon series, Follow Me, answers these questions and more! Join us for this three-part series at 10am on the 13th, 20th & 27th November.

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Better Together

Life is better together.

Join us for a two-part series on relationships and community, on Sunday 21st and 28th August!

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Get to Know Lead Pastors Joe and Racquel Manase

Ps Joe and Racquel have a conviction that this is what God placed them on earth to do. Knowing that they are called for this generation and to lead the church into its next season. They count it a privilege to stand on the shoulders of Ps Peter and Bev, and are excited about the future of City Impact Church and the next 40 years to come!

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Miracle Offering Testimony – Riley and Lee Smith

https://vimeo.com/260140460 Early in 2017, Lee and her son Riley had an Aunty in their family diagnosed with stage four cancer. At that point, the cancer had already spread to her lungs, lymph nodes and liver. The doctors were at a point where no treatment could be done. At Miracle Offering, Riley wrote a prayer wanting

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Three Tips For Reading The Bible

Reading your Bible is one of the most important parts of our Christian walk. It’s how we hear from God directly, as He speaks to us through words written thousands of years ago. There’s a reason why the Bible is the bestselling book of all time! So here are some easy ways to get started

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Sons of Zion (Part 1 & 2)

We are living in one of the greatest times in history. So, we need to be stronger than we have ever been. Jesus warned of the great falling away, where the love of many would grow cold. We can look at the Bible, at the book of Daniel and how it can be related to today.

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Three Best Parts of Online Church

Church on Sunday is favorite part of our weekend bringing a sense of connection, fellowship, and belonging! Online church is different from the services that we are accustomed to on a Sunday; but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t awesome. When else can you show up to church in your pj’s?

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Every Season Has It’s Fruit

1. In every season God is doing something. And there is always something for us to do in every season. We cannot afford to be like the sluggard who does not plow in the autumn, because we will miss the fruit of the season that is coming.

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Tips for Getting Through Lockdown

A few weeks ago the incredible Ps Clare Jones spoke with Ps Josh and Liv Campbell about tips for getting through lockdown, touching on parenting, anxiety, and the importance of the Word of God in our lives. Here are some of the top takeaways from all the wisdom that she graciously shared with us. Many

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3 Activities to Entertain your Kids During Lockdown

Finding ways to entertain and engage your kids during lockdown can prove to be quite a difficult feat. Especially when you are trying to balance work, schooling, and family all at once! A few weeks ago  Ps Clare shared her tips on how to help your kids cope with lockdown and deal with anxiety. Many

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