Miracle in the Mountain

Most western nations including New Zealand, don’t have to move mountains to get to the doctor when we are unwell. In Nepal however, it is likely that you will have to climb one!  Some villages are so remote and the closest medical clinic is up to 4 hours away and over a mountain. Your best mode of transport is hiking. Yes, an entire days hike when you are unwell!

In New Zealand our doctors have studied for years and years at prestigious academic institutions, to be able to identify an ailment as quickly as possible. We have access to MRI, X-Ray, EKG, Defibrillators, the works! In rural Nepal the local ‘witch doctor’ is often the closest thing to a medical professional if you are unable to complete the 4 hour hike.

In our technetronic, futuristic and modern world, we can 3D print replacement organs, we can make the blind see, and the deaf hear with nano-tech microbes and it is very easy to look to technology to provide the miracles and healings that we need. In Nepal, without these luxuries, people turn to prayer, they turn to God to perform miracles in the medical clinics. These clinics which are built and established through the generosity of City Impact Church members are seeing healings and resurrections. They are seeing revival in the communities as testimonies spread.

In the remote mountain top villages of Nepal, Pastor Bishnu was busy evangelizing to the people frequenting the newly finished medical clinic City Impact Church financed. Pastor Bishnu is known for is his faith healings and miracles performed in the name of Jesus all around Nepal, but on this day just like when Jesus raised Lazarus, everything changed. An elderly woman had been confirmed dead by her local doctor, her niece in mourning heard that this holy man was in the local village and she called for him to come and pray over her deceased & much loved aunty. Pastor Bishnu stirred by the faith of this young lady laid hands and started praying. The people gathered, feeling something happening, the Spirit of God was moving. She is alive!

We build the buildings; we service the need and Pastor Samuel and his team work with the government who supply the medicine. In two years, through our four medical clinics we have offered practical medical help to over 5000 people. In 2021, in the villages near these clinics, Pastor Govinder has led 61 families to Christ. To support them with the pandemic, we also sent them 20,000 masks, 1000 sanitizers, 20kg of Oxygen supplies, set of PPE clothing and 1000 gloves.

In a first world country no one is asking us to raise every dead person from the grave, no one is asking each of us to cast the demons out of witch doctors, no one is even asking us to get on a plane and spread the gospel in the Himalayas, but Jesus is asking us to be a light in the darkness. Our medical clinics are a light in these places, they are beacons of hope. They are physical spaces, facilitating encounters for God to move.


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