Taking the law into his own hands

Pastors Frank and Gladys are well known to many of us. As Pastors of City Impact Church India, they not only over see 48 Missions churches across India, they also lead 3 children’s homes and minister to some of the slums of India.

But their Ministry does not end there. In India, persecution of Christians is increasing rapidly. Even telling someone about Jesus in India can bring persecution and harassment. Ps Frank tells us that it is extremely difficult to live as a Christian in India today. The anti-conversion and blasphemy laws along with radical Hindu groups targeting Christians have made Christians into second class citizens in the caste system. Ps Frank believes there is hope for Christians in India and strives to be an agent for change. At the age of 50, the already well educated Ps Frank took himself back to University to get a law degree so he can fight against unjust persecution for both himself and other Christians in India.

Right now Ps Frank is fighting a case over a piece of land that he legally purchased in 1996 to plant a church on. Hindu radicals want to take the land from him, but for 26 years Ps Frank has been fighting to keep the land that is legally his and case continues today. This is just one example of many battles Ps Frank fights for Christians in India. Our prayers and support are part of this battle. There is hope and we will continue to stand with, support and pray for Pastors Frank and Gladys and Christians in India.

What we give through Missions Offering, Child and Missions Campus Sponsorships is life changing for hundreds of children in India. Thank you for making a difference and supporting Ps Frank and Gladys in this work.