Our Mexico Campus Pastors

We love supporting our four Mission Campuses in Mexico! We have Pastors Jorge and Yolanda, who pastor our La Paz and Marquez De Leon locations. In San Jose, we have Pastors Alex and Yadira and Pastors Benny and Marychuy in Cabo San Lucas. Talk about a dream team! If you have ever met our beautiful pastors at our annual conference, you will know their hearts are set to win souls for Christ and change lives in Mexico. 

Through your generous giving, we can send money to our Churches and Pastors every month. You may not know this, but the conditions and the environments these Campus Pastors are working in make it near impossible to raise a local income. They are not supported by the government. Their church members cannot afford to give, making it incredibly difficult for them to live off tithes and offerings. 

What we contribute and give towards our Mexico Campuses is really life-changing for them. What may be USD 100 a month for each Campus Pastor may not sound like a lot to us – but it’s the greatest support to them and the local ministries they are pouring out into.  

Missionaries In Our Backyard

Agencies within New Zealand call on City Impact Church when help is needed in our communities. New Zealand is our mission ground and we are out in the community helping when a need arises.

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From Hopeless to Pastor

Puniya was born in a staunch Hindu family in the mining town of Kolar Gold Fields. He was a practicing Hindu and followed the rituals and customs of the religion strongly. He had a very hostile heart towards Christianity and the Church since he was a staunch follower of a particular deity among the 33 million Hindu gods.

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Large Enough to make a Difference, Small Enough to Care

One of the phrases that you’ll often hear around City Impact Church is that we’re ‘Large enough to make a difference, and small enough to care.’ Our heart is that we use what God has placed in our hands to make a real difference in our community, showing His love in a practical way.

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Miracle in the Mountain

Our 4 medical clinics have offered practical medical help to over 5000 people. In 2021, in the villages near these clinics, Ps Govinder has led 61 families to Christ, and seen people literally raised from the dead!

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