Our new Revival Fire EP was created as a response to our Church Vision for 2023. The call went out to dig deep wells and believe for revival fire. This EP is a compilation of anthems, written to express an authentic heart cry from His people for The Holy Spirit to move again like the days of old.

As we embark on this new year, we continue to believe for the flames of revival to be sparked in people’s hearts as they worship with us and cry out for God to move again!

©️ 2024 City Impact Church.



‘Deep Wells’ was birthed out of the desire to create and capture an authentic, live worship experience that people could step into, join in with and find themselves in the presence of God. The songs have been written to give language to a longing in our hearts to go deeper, experience more of God and find our way back to the one thing that matters most; being in communion with our Creator.

With two versions available our prayer for the album is that it would become a soundtrack for our time in the Secret Place and help usher people into the Holy of Holies, in their personal time with God.


hallelujah (praise the Lord) (2022)

Hallelujah (Praise the Lord) was inspired by the worship that is described in the Book of Revelation. There will be a day where every nation, tongue, and race will come together to praise and worship the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!

Words and Music by Alden Khoo and Kane Adams.



You Won My Victory was written as a faith declaration. No matter what we face, we can realign our hearts with the truth that Christ has won our victory and through Him, we can overcome absolutely anything!

Words and Music by Bianca de Wit and Kane Adams.


Here in THE ROOM (2022)

This song has been in the pipelines for over two years and is finally getting released on all streaming platforms! Here in the Room has become a vehicle that God has used to stir a heart-cry in His people for more of His presence.

Words and Music by Bianca de Wit, Eugene Tuigamala, and Kane Adams.

Out Now Sqaure

Reality music video (2021)

Recorded live at our annual GLOBAL IMPACT conference! We pray this would bless you in this season and that you would be reminded of the the hope, truth and life found in Christ Jesus.

Words and Music by Alden Khoo and Jordan Parratt.

Kaleidoscope (2019)

We are so excited to have launched our latest album – Kaleidoscope!

KALEIDOSCOPE (N): An instrument through which one sees an endless variety of patterns, sequences of colour and angles of light.

 “With every piece your heart reveals, all that you are”. As you listen to this album, our prayer is that through it you will see all the reflective patterns of His endless love for you. That Jesus is everything you will ever need. Our Redeemer, our Cornerstone, our Hope and Comforter, our Never-failing God.



Recorded live at SUMMIT – The Next Wave is a worship album full of original songs that we are super excited to share with you. All of the tracks are available to watch on YouTube and stream on Apple Music and Spotify. Enjoy!

Lyrics and Chords