Here at City Impact Church, we make a difference in so many lives across the globe. Our International outreach goes throughout India, Mexico, Philippines, Tonga, Thailand, Tanzania, China and Fiji. It is incredible to see the difference we make.

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Village Impact India

Since 2015 we have been running Child Sponsorships, in partnership with the orphanage’s founders, Ps Frank & Gladys Godberg, in Kolar Gold Fields, India. This partnership supports children across three orphanages in the state of Karnataka, India. There are two boys homes, one in Robertsonpet and Kannur Village, and a girls home in Bangarapet. The potential of these beautiful children continually touches our hearts. We have high expectations of what God will do with a Christ-centred education in India. Sponsorship donations go towards full-time accommodation for each child, daily meals, school education, medical care, and most importantly giving the children the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Village Impact Tanzania

Village Impact Child Sponsorship Tanzania is a partnership between City Impact Church and the Joshua primary school in Magugu, Tanzania. We have sponsored over three hundred children to date. In an area that is 80% Muslim the school teaches a biblical curriculum. Magugu has a population of around 70,000. Sponsorship donations go towards teachers’ salaries, children’s daily meals, school uniforms, medical care, school resources and most importantly, giving the children the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



Since the year 2000, we have successfully built 37 health clinics across China. These incredible clinics now reach over 40,000 people every year in some of the more remote regions of China. They are maintained and repaired by City Impact Church, with church members, Keith and Jan Morris, co-ordinating the building of these medical facilities. The mission is to attend to both physical and spiritual needs; as these centres are near a local church.


Our Health Clinic in Kolar Gold Fields, India, provides free health care to locals who are extremely poor and cannot afford primary but lifesaving medical care. Your sponsorship donations enable us to keep the Health Clinics stocked with critical medical supplies, equipment, staff, and fund the building of future clinics in remote villages. See below to become a Village Impact Health Clinic sponsor.


India | Philippines | Mexico | Tonga

City Impact Church has over 60 mission campuses throughout India, Philippines, Mexico, and Tonga. These pastors are our family, and the reality is they usually have no personal income, and sometimes no food for their own families, yet they give everything they have to anyone who comes to the church with a need. The monthly sponsorship will ensure they always have a regular monthly income. Our Missions Campus pastors have a desire to reach out and plant campuses in other local villages that do not yet have a local church, and therefore we play a vital part in extending their reach. If you would like to play a role in furthering the work of City Impact Church through these amazing Mission Campus Pastors, we have two options of sponsoring them for $50 or $100 per month.


In 2013, we partnered with Ps Frank and Gladys Godberg and launched City Impact Church India. Ps Frank and Gladys are involved with Missions work across three states; Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. This work includes 48 local Churches, three children’s homes, and a medical clinic that have all been founded by Ps Frank & Gladys. In 2015 we were thrilled to extend the Village Impact initiative to include the hundreds of children in the three children’s homes. It was a thrill to help Ps Frank & Gladys pioneer their first medical clinic. This medical clinic serves as a critical outreach to the surrounding low-income families that cannot afford primary medical care.

For over two decades we’ve continued to be involved in the nation of Mexico. Our ministry and outreach is in Baja, working with four local Mission Campuses in La Paz, Marquez De Leon, San Jose & Cabo San Lucas. We have a long term partnership with our local pastors Jorge & Yolanda, Alejandro & Yadira, and Benny & Marychuy. Each of our pastors are involved in extending the gospel throughout the region. As a Church, we help sponsor poor Mexican families through these local churches. We also send regular mission teams to volunteer in medical clinics, local outreaches, and building projects.

As a Church, our outreach initiatives in the Philippines have continued since the early 1990s. In 2015, we increased our outreach into the nation with Ps Fortune & Roselyn in Tagum City, Mindanao. Ps Fortune & Roselyn have established City Impact Church Philippines which includes church plants in Tagum City, Compostela, Montevista, Monkayo, Maparat, and Laak, with more church plants in the pipeline. We know that through this local church partnership, we will continue to see influential and healthy local churches established throughout the Philippines.

In 2005, we sent our first missions team of 25 volunteers to the Island of Vava’u for ten days to build a church building for Pastors Havili and Mele. In 2009, we sent another team to build an extension to accommodate their rapid growth. Then in 2012, a group of 20 volunteers was sent to City Impact Church Nuku’alofa to construct a new building for Pastor Aisea. A team of twenty also went back to Vava’u to paint the local hospital and school, run medical clinics and run an outreach programme in the local villages. We are thrilled to be able to support City Impact Churches in Tonga in a practical way.

Since the year 2000, we have successfully built 37 health clinics across south-west regions of China and across the border into Myanmar. We were also excited to extend the reach of these medical clinics into the nation of Nepal, where we have commissioned building four new clinics. These medical clinics reach over 40,000 people per year and reach people in more remote mountainous regions. Going on for two decades, City Impact Church members Keith and Jan Morris, co-ordinate the building and repair of these medical facilities. Many of which have faced the challenges of horrific monsoon seasons. The mission of the medical clinics is exciting. We supply critical primary healthcare to desperately poor villagers, and more importantly, these clinics are strategically located next to a local church. We know that the local pastors are ministering to each person who walks through the doors.

Lorraine Dierck has an outreach programme called Bangkok Bible Centre, which is supported by City Impact Church. The centre targets the children and youth of Thailand by taking the gospel into state schools, even schools located in temple grounds. Through her ministry, thousands have come to know Christ with many now teaching in schools on the ministry’s behalf. The centre is also involved in church planting and evangelism in rural areas. We also support the sending of evangelistic magazines to 5000 school libraries which are read by two million children every year.

We have a strong relationship with Reverend Suliasi Kurulo, founder of Christian Mission Fellowship International. This organisation is responsible for sending missionaries from Fiji to the world’s most remote, poor and marginalised populations. Through Reverend Suliasi, we also helped to support the ‘Global Compassion’ programme during the 2012 floods in Fiji, supplying food and housing for those families displaced due to the floods. We also support a Fiji orphanage through sending care packages and funds.


Community Impact Days are when we show God’s love to our communities in a practical way. Each Community Impact Day we mobilise over 700 volunteers around New Zealand to carry out cleaning, gardening, painting and maintenance for individuals, families and community organisations in our areas. We regularly see people’s homes and lives transformed as a result of what we do. Check out our Community Impact page for more.

For over 21 years we have mobilised teams of volunteers every Christmas holidays to attend up to 10 different campgrounds and run kids and family programmes, seeing hundreds saved every year.

Church member Simon Cornwall heads up a team of dedicated volunteers who take the Gospel through relationship into the Prisons of our nation. The team runs training courses to equip prison inmates with practical tools to become better fathers, husbands and contributors to society. We also help to support Simon with the Recovery First initiative for men who are in the community after incarceration, as well as his “Steps to Recovery” program which rehabilitates men with addictions.

City Impact Church members Hugh and Di Willis have been working tirelessly with people who have disabilities since 1976. They have set up a support centre in Royal Oak that enables disabled people to connect with each other and provides an environment where they are supported and encouraged. They now have 25 centres throughout New Zealand and also run an annual camp. We also support them during the year and by sending volunteers to Elevate camp each year.