The Return – The Story Behind the Song

From THE NEXT WAVE Live Worship Album – Released 18/2/18

Holly Robertson – 23/2/2018

The Return was a collaboration between a few of our songwriters.  The song idea was based on the story of the Prodigal Son – the lost coming home.

For me personally, this song’s theme really came from my heart.  In my latter teenage years, I strayed from the things of God searching for love and acceptance in the things of the world.  I became lost, hurt, and broken.  In a place of dark depression, I met God and encountered the reality of His love for the first time and it completely changed my life.

I was the prodigal son. I was what this song is about; the return to my Father.

We really wanted to get across the theme of not only the love of God, but also the first love of a new Christian meeting their Saviour.  The opening lyrics, “I’m coming back to where it all began. Falling into Your Open hand”, epitomises the whole theme of the song.  Whether we are coming back to our first love with Christ or experiencing His love for the first time – it is about returning to what we were created for; an intimate relationship with Christ.

The Return is all about our God who seeks and desires an intimate relationship with us, His children.  “You drew me in” – He desires an intimacy with us, no matter how far off we are, and no matter how far we try and run away from Him, His love never changes, and His desire for us never dwindles.

I think this song is super encouraging to recognise the fact that we’re never too far off from God. We’re never too ‘bad’, too unlovable, too deep into sin, that makes God not want us.

My prayer is that this song would reach those who are struggling with guilt and shame, who feel stuck in their sin, and think they’re too far gone for God. Just like the Prodigal Son, the sight of us running back to our father excites Him; He runs to meet us where we’re at, and He welcomes us with open arms.  He is good, and His love always endures.

– Holly Robertson, Worship Leader at City Impact Church


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