Pastor Peter Mortlock’s Story

Having grown up in a small town of 3,000 people, Stratford in Taranaki, Pastor Peter describes himself as having a normal kiwi life. His father was a very successful businessman, owning a motor vehicle business in town, and living on a farm.

When Ps Peter was only 12 years old, his 48 year-old father passed away, and at such a young age, completely turned his life upside down. Originally successful and living a comfortable lifestyle, overnight, his mother became a widow raising four children on her own with a widow’s government benefit.

Shortly after, his sister took him along to a Christian crusade, held in New Plymouth, where Ps Peter heard the gospel for the first time, not really knowing what it was. Upon the salvation call, as a 12 year-old boy, and with tears streaming down his face, Ps Peter responded and had a sense of knowing that he was called to preach the gospel of Christ.



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