21 Days of Prayer

We are a church that believes in prayer and this heart is carried by our Mission Pastors in India, Pastors Frank and Gladys. At the beginning of every year they bring people of their communities together for the annual 21 Days of Early Morning Prayer Campaign.

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Diamonds in the Rough

Through our donations, heroes of Christianity, Pastors Frank and Gladys are raising up a generation of kids that are shaking off the old label of worthless, and taking up the new title of chosen child of God.

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The Power of Technology

Lead by Pastor Havili, the church in Tonga has become a ‘hub’ for the community over the past year, and a result is seeing exponential growth both in Tonga and across the globe…

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Miracle in the Mountain

Our 4 medical clinics have offered practical medical help to over 5000 people. In 2021, in the villages near these clinics, Ps Govinder has led 61 families to Christ, and seen people literally raised from the dead!

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Missionaries In Our Backyard

Agencies within New Zealand call on City Impact Church when help is needed in our communities. New Zealand is our mission ground and we are out in the community helping when a need arises.

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Tips for Getting Through Lockdown

A few weeks ago the incredible Ps Clare Jones spoke with Ps Josh and Liv Campbell about tips for getting through lockdown, touching on parenting, anxiety, and the importance of the Word of God in our lives. Here are some of the top takeaways from all the wisdom that she graciously shared with us. Many

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3 Activities to Entertain your Kids During Lockdown

Finding ways to entertain and engage your kids during lockdown can prove to be quite a difficult feat. Especially when you are trying to balance work, schooling, and family all at once! A few weeks ago  Ps Clare shared her tips on how to help your kids cope with lockdown and deal with anxiety. Many

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600 Saris for 600 Women

Every year on the 24th of December, Pastor Frank goes out of his way to purchase 600 (yes, you read that right, 600!!!) brand new Saris for local women in need, many of whom are widows. Wow!

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The Life Changing Power of Stationary

In the remote Tanzanian village of Magugu, there is a school that is raising generations of children who are able to fulfil their God-given potential which is made possible because we help with the provision of stationery, and more…

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Church is online for Auckland at L4. All other locations will be meeting in-person under L2 guidelines.