Youth 2024

Hey Youth Parents,

We are making some exciting changes across our Youth Ministry in 2024. 

Up until now, we’ve run two Youth programs over a weekend, where the pre-teens (School Years 7-8) have been invited to attend both Junior High on Sunday Mornings and Youth on Friday Nights.

Starting in 2024, we’re changing the Friday Night events age to focus on the older age group (School Years 9-13). At the same time, we’re making Junior High on Sunday the main program for our younger Youth.

  • Junior High (Sundays Mornings) – School Years 7-8
  • Youth (Friday Nights) – School Years 9-13

Note for the North Shore Campus – as we transition this change, we are inviting Youth who will be in Year 8 in 2024 to continue to attend Friday Night events.

The reasons for these changes are:

  1. To create a better growth path for our Youth, with an aim to generate longer lasting engagement.
  2. To give more focus and strengthen the identity of both the Junior High program and High School program.
  3. Safeguarding of the Junior High Youth, creating an age-appropriate environment and program for them. Giving Junior High two years to enjoy growing up into Youth and creating a safer environment on Friday nights.

However, for some special events, we would like all our Youth (School Years 7-13) to come together at:

  1. Friday Night “Youth Church” (once a term)
  2. Summer Camp
  3. Global Youth

As our Youth Ministry continues to grow, we believe these adjustments will be beneficial for each teenager’s time at Youth. We understand, that as parents, you might have some questions about these changes and what they mean for your young person.

Please reach out here and we’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

– The Youth Team