Why I’m Going on Summer Impact this Year

– Eugene Tuigamala 

It was at the film shoot for the Summer Impact promo – yeah the one with Davey B and Milly lip sync rappin’ and a bunch of us looking a lil fishy – that I started thinking about my first Summer Impact trip.

I was only 13 years old at the time and my parents shipwrecked me off to join the crew at Kai Iwi Lakes. I had barely been in church that whole year and wasn’t at all keen on going on missions. Nonethless, I complied and went.

The roadie and the first few days went by rather annoyingly slow. Waking up early to pray, sleeping in tents, no hot water, and hardly knowing anybody in my team made the whole thing very foreign to me.

Throughout the week God begun to peel back layers of shyness, insecurity, stubborness and fear, which I had been facing. He did this through the humility of serving the kids, other teenagers, and families at the camp site – and I am so thankful for it. Because of it, I can actually say that it is the reason I am in church today.

There are certain moments in our walk with God that mark us and give us that reality check that, lets be honest, we all need. For me, that is one of the reasons why I look forward to Summer Impact every year!

This year’s theme is #WhereDaFishesAt? and for anyone who has seen the final promo, it echoes Matthew 4 where Jesus pretty much asks disciples Simon and Andrew that if they will give up their lives and follow him – not only will their lives be radically changed but they will change the world.

This gets me excited! Because for me, that is what Summer Impact did for me, and continues to do year-after-year for City Impact Youth.

Summer Impact asks us to make a sacrifice – whether financially, mentally, physically or emotionally – for one week and follow after Jesus.

So that as we walk out our summer missions trip, He can radically change our lives and those we come across in the campsites, beaches and on our roadtrips.

Whether you are debating to go or not, thinking of sending your kids, or even want to sponsor a youth to go – can I just say that it is worth it.

Every year I see our youth leave on the 27th December and return a week later with something that money can’t by – testimonies of what God did both in and through them and hearts marked by God’s grace.

Kingdom Builders. World Changers. Dominion Takers.

Follow Jesus. He’ll change your world
Follow Jesus. And you’ll change the world.

– Eugene Tuigamala, Youth Intern at City Impact Church



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