Ministry Teams

Our Ministry Teams are the heart and soul of the Church. Everything that happens both inside and outside the building is facilitated by people, most of them volunteers in Ministry Teams. Ministry Teams cover everything from worship to lighting, Kids Church and the cafe. These people are amazing and we couldn’t do what we do without them!

For more information about joining a Ministry Team Contact Us Or Visit Community Impact Website.


Support Crew

If you’re not able to join a Ministry Team but still want to meet new people, have some fun and participate in an area that grabs your interest, casual opportunities are available for Support Crew members.

For more information about joining a Support Crew – Contact Us.

Sunday +1

At City Impact Church, we value being connected and getting involved. That’s why we talk about ‘Sunday +1’, where we encourage you to add an extra ‘+1’ event or activity to our Sunday services, deepening your experience with God and our Church. Subscribe to our fortnightly Sunday +1 emails to receive information on all the events and activities on at City Impact Church.






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