The Conception of “WHERE DA FISHES AT?”

Josh Campbell – 12/11/2015

A lot of people have been telling me how much they love the “Where da fishes at” promo for Summer Impact – how much it cracks them up.
And so I wanted to tell the story of how the idea for the promo came about, because it’s actually just as funny!

On any given project there are a number of peeps that may be involved in the creative process. For this one – it was Youth Pastor Joe Manase, Art Director Allan Wrath, and I sitting in a boardroom with the amazing Toni Smith – showing each other viral Youtube clips that we thought were funny, and sharing scriptures that could relate to Summer Impact this year. Well I was showing the videos and Joe was spouting the scriptures. He’s so holy. A beautiful man.

Anyway we came to a creative standstill of sorts,
Perhaps we hadn’t had enough coffee.

And then suddenly – like a magical rainbow of unicorns – someone storms in to the office – PG (Pastor Greg) Crawford!

He’s in one of his typically goofy moods. Now you gotta understand the rest of us were frustrated because we couldn’t come up with a funny idea… so we didn’t have time for his tomfoolery.

Perhaps sensing the awkward vibes – PG thinks for a moment – then with a triple goofball smile on his face he zips out of the boardroom and comes back a second later carrying a huge cane basket full of bread rolls left over from the Classics Lunch that day.

He holds the basket out toward us long enough so that we could all see what was in it (and what “wasn’t” in it) and then opens his mouth to speak.
The look on his face told us he was about to say the funniest thing we had ever heard.
It kinda looked like this:


And then – winking – he said to us “where da fishes at?”

We stared at him in disbelief.

He said it again.

With a bro nod and another wink (and then I’m sure he grabbed a cap and put it on backwards) he said it one more time like a white rapper:
“Where da fishes at? Ya know?”

The rest of us continued to stare at him – we looked kinda like this:


I think we laughed him politely out of the room and said something like:
“Lol thanks for that bro – well we’d better get back to it though ay”

He smiled – job done – and walked out.

We sat there – like stunned mullets.

Somebody said “aaaannyyywaaaayyy”… and then we endeavored to get back to where we were.

However, “Where da fishes at”, had stuck, it seemed.
I remember sitting up straight – looking at Joe and Allan – and saying “but seriously – where da fishes at !! Let’s use it!”
And then Joe said “lol actually that goes with the scripture we were already thinking!”

Matthew 4:19
“Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men”

“So let’s have someone fishing – and instead of fish – out of the water comes a bunch of people!!”


“With someone rapping!”

And the rest is history.

To sum it up:
– Every creative journey is different
– The Holy Spirit can use anything to spark an idea
– PG has become a legend in the staff hallways

– Josh Campbell, Creative Director of Media at City Impact Church




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