The Book of Numbers with Ps Nic

There are so many ways to read the Bible so we thought to ask a few of our staff members how they’re reading their Bibles at the moment.
First up is Ps Nic! Ps Nic is one our awesome youth pastors and he is currently completing a reading plan to read his Bible in a year (what a goal!).
He is currently reading Numbers and admitted that it has been a bit of a challenge to read (I think a lot of us can relate to that…). However, Ps Nic said that it has made him realise how blessed he is to live in under the New Testament where he doesn’t have to make so many burnt sacrifices (also #relatable). Ps Nic also likes to read a Psalm every morning, he says that it helps him start the day right 💙.

Tip #1: Sometimes it is beneficial to read one book at a time. Rather than skimming over multiple books in one sitting, Ps Nic says that keeping to one book helps him focus on what he’s reading and allows him to really study each chapter.

Tip #2: You don’t always have to read the Bible, you can LISTEN to the audio-Bible 👂, Ps Nic claims that it makes it easier to take notes ✏️ .

We hope you enjoyed these tips! Keep an eye out for more next week 👋.