(Re)Introducing… Ps Jurgen Matthesius!

His name might sound familiar and not just because he is a powerhouse of a speaker, Ps Jurgen has joined us for GLOBAL IMPACT before, back in 2014. So, we can confidently say: come ready to have your mind blown 🙌.

Ps Jurgen and his wife Ps Leanne lead Awaken Church based in San Diego in the big USA. Together they have 4 children who are all pretty grown up now. They are both very passionate about sharing the truth and have massive social media channels. Their Instagram’s boast bold and unashamed messages of the Gospel – which we love.

While they are now based in the USA, we can actually claim Ps Jurgen and Leanne as kiwis (well.. kind of) because they lived in New Zealand for seven years leading a powerful youth ministry. We are so excited to have Ps Jurgen with us for Global Impact again! He will join us LIVE via hologram on Friday 2nd AND Saturday afternoon.

You can find Ps Jurgen on Instagram @jurgmeister