1. Ps. Phil and Ps. Peter are practically twins…

So here’s the deal, Ps. Phil and Ps. Peter were both born in New Zealand and are only two years apart! They were both radically saved as young men and filled powerfully with the Holy Spirit. They both planted tiny local churches in NZ with their wives (who share the same birth year!), and young families. Now they both lead church movements that span the globe.

Just a random set of coincidences? Or something more? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

2. He’s a legit artist

Like really legit, he paints incredible art and sells it (you can check out his work here – philpringle.com/art). You can even commission an original piece for your place – how cool would that be?! Not only does he paint but he also writes books, lots and lots of books (you can check his books out here – philpringle.com/store). We love this creative side of Ps. Phil so much! Not just because of what he creates himself but how he values creativity in all of us. We serve a creative God, well not just a creative God but God the Creator. And Ps. Phil is all about it, he says:

“Faith is a creative force. When we operate by faith, we employ the creative power of God”.


3. He’s an old school Tongue-talking Pentecostal

Yep, Ps. Phil is tight with the Holy Ghost! He preaches about Him, he writes books about Him and he operates with the Holy Spirit daily. The man’s faith is legendary and will totally inspire you AND at the Wednesday 2pm session of Global he’s taking an Anointing Service – it’s going to be off the charts!


So yeah, there’s three things you probably didn’t know about Ps Phil Pringle. The man is an absolute powerhouse of our Faith. We are so grateful and amped that he is a part of GLOBAL IMPACT 2019!

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