Our Story


In 1982, Founding Pastors Peter and Bev Mortlock, along with their family and a handful of people, pioneered City Impact Church. They had a vision to reach a nation and generation who didn’t understand the amazing dynamic of being a Christ-follower. Together, in their 40 years of ministry they have diligently ignited a passion for Jesus Christ and His Church in multiple nations and generations.

The North Shore Campus has a purpose-built church facility with a sanctuary seating 2000 people, constructed primarily by volunteers. This campus is the home of City Impact Church School, two Childcare Centres, an Arts Academy, TV Studios and much more. City Impact Church is now a multi campus church with locations across the globe, as well as mission-based churches. The TV show Impact For Life has screened in New Zealand for more than a decade and is now available in many nations, as well as online. 

Over the years God has been so gracious, performing miracle after miracle, building His Church. On the 40th anniversary of City Impact Church (4 July 2022), our Lead Pastors Joe and Racquel Manase were ordained and they are full of vision for what God has in store for the future.

Looking ahead, the story continues and God will continue to build His Church (Matthew 16:18).

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Our miracle story of how we built our 2,000 seater auditorium in Albany, New Zealand.



Learn more about Pastor Peter's story. How he came to know Christ, how he started in ministry and how the church became what it is today.