Miracle Offering Testimony – Riley and Lee Smith

Early in 2017, Lee and her son Riley had an Aunty in their family diagnosed with stage four cancer. At that point, the cancer had already spread to her lungs, lymph nodes and liver. The doctors were at a point where no treatment could be done.

At Miracle Offering, Riley wrote a prayer wanting his Aunty to be healed from cancer and sowed $5 in the offering. Following Miracle Offering, every night before he went to bed Riley prayed for her healing.

Their Aunty went back to the doctors to see where things were at and wanted to know how much time she had left. Going into the appointment she expected things to be bad, but she came out of there with confirmation of a complete HEALING!

After hearing the news Riley was so happy and said “Of course, she’s healed, I prayed for her!”. What a reminder of having a child-like faith. It doesn’t matter how seemingly small our prayers are, they are powerful in God’s Kingdom.