Miracle Offering Testimony – John-Ray and Meggan

Coming from South Africa, John-Ray and Meggan left their families and moved to New Zealand. It was especially hard for Meggan as her mum had been suffering from Multiple sclerosis (MS) for 30 years. 

While living in New Zealand, they went back to visit Meggan’s mum in South Africa and saw that her health was clearly declining. Even though there is no cure for MS they believed that one day she would be healed. 

After hearing a message from Gary Keesee, John-Ray and Meggan were encouraged to sow and believe for Meggan’s mum to be healed.

A week after Miracle Offering, Meggan’s mum went for an MRI and the doctors couldn’t see any lesions in her brain, they had disappeared! The report came back with a normal brain and spinal cord and no findings of multiple sclerosis. How incredible!

After receiving the news that her mum was healed, Meggan was in complete shock, while John-Ray just started dancing at the news. 

The hospital called her “The Mystery” woman, but the whole family knew it was God who had healed her. Previously, John-Ray and Meggan had heard of miracles but they couldn’t explain the feeling of having one happen to them.