You have no doubt heard of the Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill, which passed its first reading in parliament earlier this month and is currently before the Justice Select Committee where it is open for public submissions.
It’s almost certain to become law because it’s been introduced by the Labour government which holds a majority in the House. However, there is still the potential for amendments, and it’s important amendments are made due to the following concerns:

  1. The bill limits the freedoms of parents and whānau to counsel their children
  2. The bill is unclear about what would be legal and illegal
  3. The bill limits people’s freedoms to seek prayer and counselling and the church’s freedoms to provide it

We encourage you as a church family (and every New Zealander, every Christian) to take action. It is our belief that the freedoms of individuals, parents and all faiths must be explicitly safeguarded in our laws. It’s important that all of us take part in the legislative process to voice what we affirm about the bill, what we would challenge and how we would improve it.

Above are some resources for you to understand the issue at hand and how to easily make a submission to ensure your voice is heard.