James and Carolina’s Testimony

On October 15th at around 20 weeks in their pregnancy, Carolina and James had a day they will never forget.

While at a routine ultra-sound appointment everything was going well, when towards the end of the appointment the screen lit up like Christmas lights. From the reaction of the nurse they knew it wasn’t good. The nurse then left the room to collect herself, and when coming back she explained a follow-up appointment with the fetal medicine doctor would be necessary.

James and Carolina left the hospital that day in total shock. They knew there was only one thing to do, pray and warfare in the Spirit for a miracle.

The follow-up appointment came, where the doctor explained the three things they thought it could be, all catastrophic, some of the worst things a parent could be told. The doctor then asked Carolina and James if they wanted to abort their baby, in which they replied “no”, it was not something they could do. Their faith was solely in God at this point.

One night James had a vivid dream. Their family was in a war-plane heading down a runway with an ocean at the end. The plane was either going down into the ocean or heading up. The plane took off into the air and the family was rejoicing.

And while driving home from the hospital, James and Carolina saw a big war-plane in the sky. From that moment they knew everything would be fine.

A week later, our church opened the carpark for “drive-through prayer” (this was during the covid restrictions). James and Carolina wanted to be there. Ps Peter was walking around praying over the families in their cars, he reached out and touched James and Carolina’s car, instantly Carolina felt the power of God go through her body, its was hot from head to toe. They knew that was a good thing. Yet they didn’t know what the outcome would be but they continued to believe and pray.

Fast forward dozens of ultra-sound scans, they saw what the doctor had originally found dissipate and dissipate, until the final scans which showed everything was all clear. The doctors could not see anything wrong anymore. The fetal doctor then said “If I didn’t know what I had known in the past with you guys being here, there would be no reason for you to be here anymore”. After hearing this tears came down James and Carolina’s faces. Praise God he had done a miracle!

Their baby boy Joshua was born beautiful and healthy. What an incredible testimony of the goodness of God.