Hello to Ps Chris Durso!

We haven’t had the honour of having Ps Chris join us before so here’s a little about him ⬇️.


Ps Chris is married to Ps Yahris, together they have two children and are senior associate pastors at Saints Church in Queens, New York. Ps Chris is the founder of the Misfit movement, a youth movement that uses creativity (like hip-hop, poetry and art!) to spread the Gospel, how amazing?! He is known for his passion to see ALL generations experience the Gospel. His Instagram (@chrisdurso) is full of truth bombs, we recommend checking his IG out!


Ps Chris is going to end GLOBAL IMPACT with a BANG 💥 on the Sunday night (4th July). We are so excited to hear what he has to say, we know that it’ll be a word in season 🙌.