Chronological Reading Plan Commentary – Genesis 12

Here is a commentary from Ps Joe on Genesis 12 from our Chronological Bible in a Year Bible reading plan – to join in on this on the YouVersion Bible app click here

As we read at the beginning of Genesis 12, we can see God’s plan for humankind begin to unravel as he calls out Abram. A man who would later have his name changed to Abraham and become the patriarch of the nation of Israel. The nation through whom God would send His descendant, His only son, Jesus, to come and make a way to restore the fall that happened earlier in Genesis. He had already set into motion all these years before His plan to bring redemption to humankind.
It’s so incredible that we don’t just see Jesus appear in scripture at the beginning of the New Testament and the Gospels. But even back in Genesis, we see God’s plan for Jesus to come and bring hope. For the Messiah to come into the world and bring redemption to humanity.
As we see God’s plan beginning to unfold, it’s so encouraging that regardless of the season you walk through today, you can see that God has His plans. Sometimes, we can’t see what He’s doing. Sometimes, it feels like we are just trapped in the season we’re in. But even before the beginning of time, God had good plans for those who are called according to His purposes and to those He loves.
And so, we can be encouraged as we read Genesis 12, as we see the call of God to Abram. For just like Abram was called with a great plan and a great future, likewise, God has a great plan and a great future for every single one of us.