Gather | The Unexpected

Hi wonderful friends and family, I am missing you all very much.
So, my heart’s desire is for us to continue to build warm relationships with one another. As I write, you are ever-present in my thoughts and prayers. Love to you all, Ps Bev.

The Unexpected

This may not be your first rodeo where the unexpected has invaded your world, and not only interrupted your daily schedule, but completely highjacked your plans for the future.

When the velocity of the unexpected is this massive, it shifts and changes things dramatically – for better or for worse. There are many unexpected encounters with God stored for us in the Bible to discover and explore.

There are five that, for me, always seem to stand out.
· Abraham’s engagement with Melchizedek
· Isaiah’s commissioning with the death of King Uzziah
· Moses’ redirection from a burning bush.
· Jesus’ receiving the Holy Spirit in the waters of the Jordan
· The Apostle John’s revelation while in isolation.

Each contains rich detail of life-changing events creating enough momentum to move the most stubborn of obstacles.

Most of these great men of the Bible saw something before they heard the voice from Heaven, with the exception of John.

John heard a voice coming from behind him before he saw. But what was the difference and from what position was John listening from?

‘I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day’

Note that John was in isolation on the Isle of Patmos yet he continued to celebrate the Lord’s Day and spending time with God. Was he alone? By no means. He was in the Spirit. God does not and has not abandoned us.

Just as John heard from God, so too will you continue to hear from God in your quiet spot, your devotion and Bible reading time, your worship, your abiding in the Spirit.

And what result can we hope for? The unexpected!

What an amazing revelation John unveils in the last book of the Bible. John’s revelation has had a voice impacting the church for over 2000 years and will continue to do so for years ahead.

I would really love for you to have your own unexpected encounter with God in this unforeseen season.

Keep your appointment with God.
You never know what the outcome may be.

– Ps Bev Mortlock