Gather | Presence of the Holy Spirit in our Lives

Our existence in the world brings with it an array of hopes, dreams, plans and relationships. Some are of our choosing and others we inherent by some unexplainable default.

Either way, others encompass our lives. To think that I may have the skill and wisdom to navigate my individual journey successfully is extremely short-sighted. I am just not that smart.  This one thing I do know; God is ever with me and the Holy Spirit, if I allow Him, will work through me.
What an amazing rescue package!
Without the work of the Holy Spirit in my life, I am confident that I would be a disaster waiting to happen.

Jesus, when speaking with His disciples explained, “I must go so the Helper, the Holy Spirit can come.”
John 14:16 states, “And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever.”

Here in lays a mysterious truth. We pray to the Father, through Jesus the Son, but not so much the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit isn’t out there somewhere. We are not projecting a prayer to a God that doesn’t hear. We are not trying to reach the clouds and drag down some imaginary faith for a situation that we know we find ourselves in. The Holy Spirit is right here, always with us, and within. The Holy Spirit walks with us, converses with us, guiding and ever-present. In fact, God gave us the breath of Holy Spirit the day He created mankind.

That same Holy Spirit is with us no matter what. God’s Spirit brings that peace, brings that confidence, that joy and excitement of the things that God is doing in our lives and the anticipation of what is to follow. 

Sometimes we lay incredible plans, and sometimes those are shattered, but I know this. That by the power of the Holy Spirit adhered to our faith in God, whatever it was that is shattered – our God knows how to put it back to together again and create a way forward.

– Ps Bev Mortlock