Gather | Do I Really Want an Awkward Conversation?

For most of us awkward conversations are high on the list of things ‘to be avoided at all cost’. Pre-empting one’s approach to a confrontation with… we need to have an awkward conversation…. seems to help disarm both parties in such a way that the chances of a positive outcome are far more likely.

As a side note, praying and conversing are not the same thing. “What has that to do with this?”, you may well ask. Stick with me please.

Prayer is just that. Whether intersession, or petition, or a myriad of forms, prayer is petitioning to the greater by the lesser through the access made possible only in the Name of Jesus.

Conversations are not that. A conversation is an exchange of thoughts and ideas by two or more participants. Conversations are what you have with the Holy Spirit. You don’t pray to the Holy Spirit. 

Together you converse. 

So how is it that the Holy Spirit has access to you for one of these awkward conversations? How often is time set aside to ask – Holy Spirit do we need an awkward conversation?
·     How far out of honesty with myself, and therefore with others, am I?
·     Am I on track or have I jumped the rail again? 
·     What am I missing here?
·     What have I forgotten?
·     What have I abandoned?

Who in your life has permission to talk through such concealed issues? Many of us ask for transparent relationships but most long for the words of resounding praise. Believe me, that’s not sin! That’s human.

When Jesus walked with the disciples He gave them the nod of approval, but He also initiated awkward
conversations. Prayer, deliverance, faith, aspirations, authority, so many encounters were initiated in moments where Jesus freely exposed their shortfalls.

Jesus also said …I will send the Helper! Four times in the book of John Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as your helper.

John 14.26-27
But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you. Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you.

He is your helper. His name is Holy Spirit. He is available for that intimate awkward conversation you may not even be aware you need to have, before it becomes public embarrassment. He is not here to hurt but to help. It’s in our best interest to accept the Holy Spirit’s help before we hurt ourselves. Although the Holy Spirit quietly convicts, the decision to initiate the awkward conversation is yours and yours alone.
I know each time I have requested the Holy Spirit to engage in an awkward conversation with me, the outcome has been life changing.

– Ps Bev Mortlock