Our Courses

Here at City Impact Church, we believe in equipping you to be all that God has created you to be.

Gateway is a great first step for anyone new to City Impact or anyone wanting to get more connected and involved. Over six weeks, we share who we are and what we believe. We also spend time in small groups to meet other people and make friendships.
Things we chat about include:
• Salvation – what did Jesus do for us?
• How can we have a relationship with God?
• Who does God say we are?
• Who is the Holy Spirit, and what does He do?
• What is the purpose of the church?
• What is tithing and offering all about?
• What’s the best next step for you at City Impact.
We encourage everyone to do Life Without Limits. This course is all about your soul. In Psalms 23, David talks about God restoring his soul. Life has a way of dumping a lot of hurt, disappointment, regret and offence in our soul. It can stop us from producing the fruit we want in our lives and can stumble our relationship with God. In this course, Ps Clare and Ps Kim look at their life journeys and share keys about how they have faced challenges but kept their hearts and relationship with God pure.

In this course, you will look at:
• Your perception of God 
• How to deal with hurts and disappointments
• How to forgive – even when you don’t want to!
• How to identify self-deception
• How to pull down strongholds
• How to stay free
If you’re married, you will know that two people ‘becoming’ one requires a lot of communication, dying to self and work! We encourage every couple to do the marriage course regularly. It allows you to take some time out and focus on your marriage. The greatest power of doing a marriage course is taking the time to check in with each other as you chat about different topics and find out where you’re both at. Plus, the facilitators who take this course have been there! They are open about their struggles and marriage journey. They are there to help you navigate any struggles or differences of opinion you may be having.
This course runs over six weeks and looks at:
• Your relationship with God and how that influences your marriage
• Prioritising your spouse
• Dealing with finances
• Sex 
• Communication
• Destructive behaviours to look out for
• Raising kids together
The Bible is clear that God wants you to be blessed financially! But there’s more to this than throwing money in the offering and hoping you win the lotto! The Bible gives a lot of great financial keys that this course unpacks as you prepare for God to bless your life.

This course covers:
• How to position yourself for financial blessing
• Financial literacy
• Financial Stewardship 
• Debt management
• Budgeting
Successful business people in the church run this course. They are passionate about helping you be wise with your finances. They are there to help you with any questions you may have and can point you to others who will help you in specific areas like business, retirement, budgeting etc.

We all wish it came with a handbook, but thankfully we have wise parents that have gone before us to help us out. This course is aimed at pre-school and primary aged children and Ps Clare, who is a parent and a teacher, lays out biblical foundations for parenting. She addresses some of the lies in culture that tell us how to parent and presents what the Bible says our roles as parents are. She also teaches on how to parent rebellion vs. childishness, how to work out consequences for our kids, how to nurture them spiritually, how to be a child-focused parent but not a child-centred parent. It’s all there.

If you have children in this age bracket or are new to Biblical parenting – this course will bless you. It will also allow you to chat with other parents and ask the facilitator about things you’re experiencing as a parent that you’re struggling with. Lastly, if you are parenting with a spouse/partner this course will open up conversations to chat about where you’re at with parenting. Are you on the same page? Sometimes we need to take time out to learn and communicate. So yes, do this course. Your family will be blessed because of it.

Normally held over three sessions, these courses have teaching and discussion times on various topics, which change every term.
Session topics have included: How do I know I can believe the Bible?, Prophecies Fulfilled in Israel, History of the Church & denominations.

The online Ministry Leadership course has been created with the heart to grow Christian leaders with content and mentoring opportunities that have been deliberately put together to inspire and equip leaders and provide practical application within campuses.

The course is run on Zoom on Monday nights, over four terms and covers a variety of leadership topics like; Leadership Habits, Self-Awareness, Conflict Resolution, Spiritual Gifts, Building great teams and many others.