Conversation is the New Door Knocking

Joe Manase – 5/5/2016

I all too often find myself wandering around in a trance of efficiency and as such walking past the hundreds of people living life without so much as eye contact.

These days our glowing phone screens and incessant notifications just add another incentive to disengage from a world of real life relationship. With a growing family, work load and the ever increasing pull for my time, I have even found myself using church and serving responsibilities as an excuse to remain aloof from strangers I bump into or pass by.

With a young daughter who is constantly being talked to by lovely people I find myself always reminding her to be friendly and engage. Recently the Holy Spirit has been doing the same with me – a refresher that people matter and that you will struggle to reach people you refuse to talk with.

So, more and more often, I find myself completely conscious of every person who comes across my path.

Believe it or not but … I have never gotten to know someone I ignored.

Jesus was often moved by compassion to the point where he changed his schedule to accommodate relationship. I think this is a key in keeping what’s important to God as our top priority.

Although often these conversations are brief and indistinct, I am continually surprised by just how many people will open up to you if you are willing to engage and listen.

I have been encouraged, and in turn would like to encourage you, that conversation is the starting point of relationship. And someone who knows you (and maybe even likes you) is a lot more likely to accept your invitation to church or hear about how Jesus changed your life.

Maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t be such a big deal if you were to open up some more time in your schedule to talk to people you encounter.

When it comes to reaching people for Jesus in 2016, conversation is the new door-knocking and relationship is the new tract.

Conversation builds relationship, opens hearts & creates opportunity

– Joe Manase, Youth Pastor at City Impact Church


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