City Impact Church is Making a Difference in China – Part 2

Keith Morris – 22/10/2015 – Read Part One

When we arrived in Weixi we contacted a young lady who is the daughter of Pastor X who oversees more than 70 Lisu churches in the area.  The Lisu people are a minority people group of over a million people who are more than 50% Christian, that we have been working with building Village Health Clinics since 2000.

She had graciously taken 2 days off from her busy life as a young mother to accompany us to visit the 5 nearby clinics and had arranged a small van to take us there.  I say “nearby” but in fact we quickly found out that they might be nearby on the map but getting to them required us to travel up some really dangerous narrow tracks thousands of feet up the huge steep hills, often with nearly vertical drops down to the huge Lancang river below (the Lancang becomes the Mekong further down in Laos and Vietnam).


The first clinic we visited was in a village of around 200 people, and had only recently been built.  The Village Health Worker has been a doctor since 2007 and he told us that he works in the fields as well as treating around 20 sick people per week.  There were several sick people at the clinic when we visited.  We were treated to a wonderful meal at the clinic, cooked by his wife, seated on low stools around a low table.  It is a really humbling experience to be a guest at such meals when you know that the people are so poor.  We gave a “Hong Bao” (red envelope) gift of money at each of the villages we visited.  We also visited the village church which takes pride of place in every Lisu village.  Then it was off back down the mountain to repeat the process with a visit to another clinic and  doctor high up in another remote village.  The hills are really mountains by New Zealand standards, thousands of feet high, and the villages are so remote that we could only visit 2 in a long days rugged driving.

The next day we visited 2 more villages.  At the first one we heard how the church had grown from 200 to 400 people since the Village Health Clinic had been built 5 years ago, which is amazing growth!  Another delicious meal and on to another village, this time it took us 3 hours to drive there over a really dangerous road.  At this village the clinic was under the Village Health Worker’s house.  He told us that his house was built around 3 years ago and tragically his sister in law had been killed in an accident on the narrow road to thevillage when their tractor carrying building materials went over the edge.  He and his wife and daughter were also badly injured in the accident.  This was a very sobering thought as we made our way back down the mountain track in our little van.

We had hoped to visit the 5 Village Health Clinics in the Weixi area but we ran out of time and did not manage the fifth village.  That will have to wait for our next visit.

– Keith Morris

Read part one. Part three coming next week. 

Keith and Jan Morris are currently on a two month missions trip to China to visit many of the health clinics that City Impact Church helps support. They are long standing members of City Impact Church and have been doing missions work in China for over two decades. 



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