Christmas at City Impact Church

Krista Crawford – 10/12/2015

Christmas in New Zealand is heralded in by the hint of long summer nights, and swims at the beach after school. The sky gets bluer, the BBQ’s come out and we all half relax with the weather and half panic about upcoming Christmas day requirements.


Our decorations and artwork and Christmas cards reflect dark, winters nights and snow-covered forests, which most of us have never experienced!

It’s all a bit confused – our happiness that summer is here, while at the same time we fill our homes with songs about chestnuts on open fires and we hang Christmas lights that can’t be turned on til late in the night when its finally dark!

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But one thing that is not changed by season, or hemisphere, or traditional decorative design, is the ACTUAL reason for Christmas. There’s nothing to confusing about this part of Christmas! Celebrating the birth of a long-awaited saviour, the great hope for broken-hearted mankind. It’s a love story of epic proportions – a loving Father who created this world and breathed life into every person, the tragedy of our human sin and consequent distance from Him, a redemptive plan to bring us back to him. And this plan was all wrapped up in a tiny babe in a stable, in a small unassuming village in the middle east. Enter the donkey, a young mum, nervous dad, supernatural visitation of angelic choirs, wise men, gifts, camels… and, incidentally, possibly snow.

This Christmas, who do you know that is heart broken, sick or lonely. Who needs the pure peace of knowing Christ the Saviour, that babe in a manger, who grew into a man who gave his life that they would know that peace and comfort of the presence of God.

Don’t let Christmas be a confusing rush of food, shopping, pressure and panic. Keep it simple. Love on some people, share the peace of Jesus with them, make a way for people to hear about Christ.

At City Impact Church we have very special things planned, that will show the way to that peace and presence. Bring some neighbours with you to enjoy the fun of the Christmas Musical. Invite your family to join us all for the beautiful Christmas Eve Carols by Candlelight, or the happiness of our Christmas Day service.

Carry with you the peace of God in this crazy rushed time!

And enjoy a few late night swims at our beautiful beaches.

Merry Christmas and happy summer to you all!

– Krista Crawford, Events Director at City Impact Church




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