Reaching our Chinese Health Clinics

China Missions Trip Part 1

Keith Morris – 29/09/2015

Recently Alan Dixon, Derrick Liu, my wife Jan and I travelled to visit the Health clinics we support in China. The clinics are at Weixi in the Yunnan Province near the border of Burma.

We had all met up in Kunming after travelling from different directions, and set out on our trip to Weixi and hopefully Tibet, on the night of Monday 21 September. The journey is long and arduous. It starts with an overnight train ride in hard sleeper class (an appropriate name), followed by a taxi ride, then a 6 hour bus trip alongside the Yangtze River with some very sharp speed bumps. On the way alongside the Yangtze we came across a large number of soldiers from the PLA (Peoples Liberation Army) who were conducting exercises. They had built a floating bridge across the huge river and were driving trucks across it. After a lunch stop we arrived at Weixi around 2.30 and walked up the steep street to our hotel where we were booked in for 3 nights and where they took our passports for recording with the local police.


Allan and Jan by the bus we traveled on

We had done a lot of travelling and we were pretty tired, but we were looking forward with expectation to our time visiting the Village Health Clinics in the Weixi area.

– Keith Morris,

Keith and Jan Morris are currently on a two month missions trip to China to visit many of the health clinics that City Impact Church helps support. They are long standing members of City Impact Church and have been doing missions work in China for over two decades. 



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