As winter approaches we know many families in our communities simply don’t have the blankets and pyjamas they need to keep warm and healthy.  So we’ve ordered 10,000 blankets and PJs (5000 of each), and we will be distributing them at our Community Impact Day on Saturday the 10th of June. 

As a church this is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in such a practical way. Check out this quick message and use the form below to give your donation.


We have several ways you can contribute towards this without using a credit card. See below for alternative giving options.

Give with Push pay

Select ‘Blankets’

Give via bank transfer

Reference: Your name + ‘Blankets’

Give in service

Keep an eye out for our friendly ushers on a Sunday morning, use our offering envelopes or give at the info at your local campus. Reference: ‘Blankets’

Community Blanket and PJ Drive


Price: $ 20.00
Price: $ 20.00

If for any reason you aren’t able to use our online form, please call our Community Team on 09 477 0300 or email us to donate.


We have done the shopping for you already. We are asking people to donate this year using this webpage.

This Community Impact Day is from 9am-1pm at your local campus, ready to start the deliveries.

North Shore: Meet at North Shore Campus at 9am.
Mt Wellington & Botany: Meet at Mt Wellington Campus at 9am.
West: Meet at Massey Community Hub, 385 Don Buck Road at 9am.

We will be all-hands-on-deck, distributing 10,000 blankets and PJs!  Along with pickup stations at our North Shore Campus, there will be pick up stations throughout the community that will be advertised as where people can come and collect what they need. We’ll be sending teams to each spot to help with ensuring everyone gets what they need as well as doing deliveries directly to home.

This Community Impact Day we will be just delivering and facilitating the distribution of blankets + pj’s. There will be no home gardening or cleaning. 

All you have to do is show up to register for your job. 

Yes we do – for ages 1-10. The older ones are encouraged to join their parents at the jobs as it’s an awesome way to practically teach them how to share the love of Jesus to others.

If you have any further questions please call our Community Team on 09 477 0300 or email us.