Battle Cry Song Story

With the outbreak of COVID 19, the world seems to have fallen into disarray. As a church, we were gearing up for the nationwide lockdown; having our final corporate prayer meeting night and preparing for multiple services on Sunday. We spent our final Wed corporate prayer meeting praying for peace, faith and rest in the midst of the global storm that had arrived at our shores. I was so inspired driving home, talking to the Lord about the importance of unity within the church at a time like this. It was then that the Lord reminded me: we’re in a battle. Our job in a time like this is to refuse to bow down to fear and to understand and believe God is in total control; He will never be shaken. I pulled over to a beach car-park and began writing lyrics, which is odd for me as I always write the melody to a song first. The next day, I sat down with my guitar and prayed to the Lord: “Lord, if You want this song to happen, we’ll need to make it happen now, as we don’t have much time left!” The Lord dropped melodies into my spirit and they matched the lyrics perfectly! Then it all flowed from there. I spent the following day producing the whole song from top to bottom, and managed to finish it just before the lockdown; praise God.

“Battle Cry” is a song of faith and encouragement. The chorus lyrics are the following:
“Hear our battle cry, for our God is on our side, Fear has lost its voice, we will not be shaken, God He will prevail, for our hope in Him won’t fail, Christ has won the fight, we will not be shaken.”

At a time like this where the world seems to have fallen into disarray, know that Christ isn’t winning the victory; He’s already won it! We have all the power we need in the name of Jesus to overcome all fear. This is our declaration at a time like this; fear will bow down to our God, He will never shaken!

Song: Battle Cry