6 Things We Love About Our New Website

Lahnae Cleaver – 11/10/2015

Welcome to our shiny new website! We are pretty happy with it and hope you like it too.

We did a whole lot of research to find out what people wanted from our website and we made absolutely sure to pack all those things in here for you.

Here’s our top 6 favourite bits…

1. It works on your phone
Yep, it’s fully mobile optimised so you can access all the great features of our website easily on all of your devices and formats – high five!

2. All the sermon videos you need
Now you can access all the sermons your heart desires from our archive of video sermons. You can see both the latest sermons and featured sermons! Entertain yourself and impress your friends – movie night! We’re still populating the archive so check back regularly to for some classics from the archive. Like this little pearler from SUMMIT 15.

3. It’s easy to search for events
So we know that sometimes it’s tricky to find out what’s happening and when, so we’ve spent some quality time on developing a search engine just for events. It’s pretty nice. And now you’ve got no excuse for spending your Friday nights alone on the couch.

4. We’re blogging
Oh yes, we are blogging. And you’re reading it already! We’ll be blogging regularly on all things City Impact Church so stay tuned for more exciting instalments coming soon.

5. It’s all about new people
Our research revealed that that most people visit a church website and do a lot of looking around there before they ever drive down the driveway. So we’ve made it friendly and welcoming and put the information that’s important to new people front and centre. Like the cool “we are” video on the home page that shows you exactly what you get at City Impact Church. How could you resist us after that!

6. It just looks hot!
Check out that home page! It’s so pretty. And the background video – what! It is epic. And how about those fonts? They’re warm and friendly but have lots of energy – just like our church! And seriously, how about that logo? Yep, we’ve refreshed our logo and we luuuuurve it. So much. We love our logo. We love our website. We love our church.

We’ve worked hard to make this website for you and we’ll be continuing to work on features and improvements. We’d love to know what you think, good or bad, please email us your feedback to marketing@cityimpactchurch.com.

Lots of Love,448
Lahnae, Allan, Jesse, Toni, and Ben (aka the Marketing and Design Team)

p.s. This is how excited we are about our new website!!!




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