5 ways to invite your friends and family to the Christmas Musical

It’s nearly Christmas and that means it’s nearly time for the Christmas Musical!


Every year we spend hours and hours (days and days) putting together a super fun night out for the whole family.

We don’t just put this show on to prove to ourselves how clever we are. It’s so we can invite our friends and family to church at Christmas time and let everyone know that Christmas is all about celebrating Jesus.

Sometimes it feels a bit awkward to invite friends and family to church. It’s the same for all of us (well most of us, some people are just naturals). But the Christmas event is an easy invite. It truly is a great show, it’s perfect for families (i.e. kids) it’s only 1 hr and 15 minutes long and it’s at Christmas time when people are actually looking for fun Christmas things to do. And its FREE!

So here are 5 ways to invite your friends and family to the Christmas Musical

1. Facebook invite

We have created 2 facebook events on facebook, one for Friday Night and one for Sunday Night.

Just click on the invite button on the top right and select the friends you’d like to invite. I invited several friends with kids to the Glow Party in October and two families came along to the event, with one of them now coming along to church – too easy!



2. Letter box drop

We have made some pretty nice flyers, yes, you can put one on your fridge but really these aren’t for you. These are for you to use to INVITE your friends and family along to the event. Wouldn’t it be fab if we all committed to popping one in the letterbox of every person on your street. So go on, take a handful of flyers and commit to whipping around the block, and don’t hesitate to drop flyers in the same letterboxes again a few days later – if it’s good enough for Mitre 10 and Briscoes it’s good enough for us. And let’s face it, a couple of good walks around the block before Christmas isn’t going to hurt anyone!


3. Pop up a Poster

How clever is this – the handy dandy flyer doubles as a mini poster! Again, you can put one on your fridge, but even better up on the noticeboard at your local supermarket, doctors office, plunket, library or wherever there is some wall space where you can put up a poster. Just don’t forget to ask nicely for permission first.


3. Give a gift

Why not sweeten the deal? Be the best neighbor or friend ever and bake (or in my case buy) some Christmas treats. I’m thinking gingerbread men, candy canes, chocolate santas etc. Keep a stash in your bag, car, office, wherever you’ll bump into people you’d like to invite and just casually say “Merry Christmas, thought I’d get into the Christmas spirit. Here’s a treat for you and a little invite to our church’s Christmas Musical, let me know if you’d be interested in coming – I think you/your kids/mum/Uncle would enjoy it”


5. Send an email

Email your friends an invitation – you can add any or all of the following to get the info to them.

Copy and paste these URLs to the Facebook Events:

  • Friday Night – https://www.facebook.com/events/115304332168389/
  • Sunday Night- https://www.facebook.com/events/1029030607148934/

Send them the link to the website page: http://ow.ly/Vi6UH

Download then attach the below image into an email:

Christmas Musical Square


I promise the show will not disappoint and you’ll probably be surprised which of your friends and neighbours are waiting to be invited to church!

Merry Christmas x

 – Lahnae Cleaver, Marketing Manager at City Impact Church




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