5 Reasons why you Should go on Summer Impact


Shardae Laita – Tuesday 20/10/15

Summer Missions is a special opportunity for us as City Impact Youth and Young Adults to grow in faith in and also in friendship with one another.

Our main goal is to tell as many people about Jesus as possible.

Here are my FIVE reasons why YOU need to be on missions this year…

(Also why you would want to be on my team as we will be shaking up Pauanui for Jesus #goals):

1. Hundreds of people are going to get saved

We have the privilege of being able to have the best news in the world – that Jesus saves and loves everyone. By sowing and investing in others this summer and stepping out to share our faith we are able to change people’s ETERNAL destines. There is such a joy from being able to lead someone to Jesus. The last thing Jesus told us to do is to “Go forth and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19 NIV) – and summer missions is how we are doing it!

We put on the craziest events for the camp grounds to help draw in the crowds. From water fights to family fun days with our BIG bouncy castles, to skate competitions at Pauanui, Sports Days at the beach, Night Youth Cafes, Movie Nights and lots and lots of lolly scrambles…. the list goes on. We have our hands full, as we dress up in the most colourful costumes and have some healthy competition between our small groups at Kids Club and also the massive tug-o-war.


2. You’ll grow in your faith

Summer missions will grow and challenge you spiritually. You will receive a new passion for God and His truth plus a passion to fufill God’s purpose for you. At missions you have to rely on God to give you the confidence to tell people about Jesus, and have faith that he will bring along the right people at the right time that are open to hearing about the truth of salvation.


3.You’ll encounter God

Night worship sessions are one of the most legit experiences over missions. Standing down at the beach under the stars with a few guitars not having any time pressures but being able to wait on the presence of God is an amazing experience. Morning Bible Reading and God time helps prepare the team for the big day ahead.



4. You will come back with 20 new bffs

Missions is famous for creating the most unique and diverse friendships. You get to know people really well after camping with them for a week. You’ll bond with people you never thought you would and by the end you are one big family, a tight knitted squad or true “Braddas”. Spending the start of 2016 with likeminded people who are passionate about the things of God and going to new levels in Him helps to build you relationship and trust in God. The fellowship and memories that are built up last a life time. The memories are so diverse from #YOLO night swims, ice cream fixes, fish and chips, bailing at the Pauanui skate park because you think you’re a hard core skater or just because “one drop in equals salvation”.


Girls on the Pauanui 2014-2015 Team

5. The food will be on point

Food is always one of the most interesting parts of Summer Missions. Team Pauanui has got the big guns coming in, Mother Mary and Father Isaac themselves (my actual parents). Let’s be honest they will get us all fit and doing runs and boot camps around Pauanui.



Missions in itself is life changing! It starts your year on such a high note – surrounded with the right group of people, seeking first God and helping extend His Kingdom.

If you want to have lasting imprint on a kids life or help a young person to know that there is hope in the new year plus make new friends and have those DNM sessions as well as doing something that will have eternal value then summer missions is for you.

– Shardae Laita, Paunaui Team Leader 2015, Training Intern at City Impact Church







To register for Summer Impact head to the reception desk to get a registration form. 


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