40th birthday greetings

Hi my friend,

You may be aware that Bev and I are celebrating 40 years of pastoring City Impact Church after pioneering the church on the 4th July 1982, which now has multiple campuses around the world!

We will also be ordaining new lead pastors to take the church/movement forward. Bev and I will be known as the Founding Pastors – helping and encouraging where we can! (Playing golf is not an option for me – lol).

As a valued friend we would love to personally ask, and would be so blessed if you could send a minute video greeting!
We would really appreciate it!
Love to receive it by the 20th May! The latest the 30th May.

Couple of tips!
– Hi-definition (if filmed on iPhone, please film horizontally, not vertically).
– Raw footage (no effects or music embedded).
– Format: Quicktime file (.mov H264) PAL 25fps.
– Delivery: Uploaded to Vimeo and provide a link or please transfer via file sharing system e.g. Dropbox or WeTransfer (to help preserve the original quality).

If you need any further information about it, could you please email Natalie at [email protected].

In anticipation, can Bev and I thank you heaps!
And we look forward to catching up again in person sometime!
We pray the very best for you, your family and ministry!

Every blessing,
Peter and Bev