How good would it feel to sit next to your friends and family at church this Christmas?

This year, we’re inviting people to “Make Our Christmas Yours”, and we have 3 simple ways you can help spread the word!

1) Share the Christmas Promo Video

SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! You’ve seen it, you’ve laughed at it, and now is the time to share it! (If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is.)

This relatable video features a loveable family trying to put up their Christmas decorations, but #REALLIFE just gets in the way.

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2) Handout the Invite Cards 🤶


With this compact invite you can fill both of your pockets with invites to hand out to your friends, family, neighbour, and anyone else you know!

This card has information about The Christmas Spectacular AND The Christmas Carols. You can pick yours up from the church Info Desk or from our Ushers on Sunday.


3) Respond to and Share Facebook Events 🙋‍♀️


We’ve got Christmas at City Impact Church covered, with Facebook events! Our Christmas Facebook Events can be found here.

How do I invite people on Facebook? Simply click “Going” on the event and then hit “Share” which will give you multiple options for who you intend it for. This is a super easy and casual way to invite people and share what’s going on at Church.

Fun fact: According to backtochurch.com82% of people would come to church if a trusted friend invited them.

Christmas Events on Facebook


For more info, head to cityimpactchurch.com/christmas


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